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Titanium Single Speed Bike Bikes

Yeah, we know: a titanium single speed may seem a bit extravagant to most, but if you’re one of the rare breed for whom perfection has one gear and ecstasy two wheels, this frame is the stuff of your dreams. Our titanium single speeds are hand-crafted using only the best materials to give you the ride of your life. If you have the legs to get one of these to the top of the hill, it will reward you with a smooth descent to the bottom. This frame being what it is, you’ll make another trip up the hill.


  • Semi-custom or fully-custom sizes
  • Available in 6 regular or 4 women's specific custom sizes
  • slider dropouts
  • TIG welded construction
  • Available with 26, 27.5, or 29er wheels
  • Hand-brushed finish

Tubing & Pricing

  • Titanium Single Speed frame: $2700 -- includes 44mm headtube


  • Semi-Custom Sizes

    ‘Semi-custom’ is what we call our steel production bikes. We prefer to use the term semi-custom because although we have made the geometry and sizing decisions for you, there are some final choices you will make to give your bike a personal touch. Included in the price of each frame is a single color powder coat with painted logos. You will get to decide on the colors. If you would like to be more creative you can come up with a design of your choice, anything from panels to fades to flames to whatever you can imagine.

    Let us know what you would like and we will give you a quote. In addition to the finish you will also decide on the size and shape of the tubes to create a frame that fits your riding style. Cable routing, any additional braze-ons, extra water bottles, racks, or a disc brake mount are other choices you can make.

  • Fully-Custom Sizes

    Although our semi-custom frames come in many sizes, we know that there are occasions when you may want or need custom sizing or geometry. All of our frames are available as full custom for a $175 upcharge. If you decide to go with a full custom frame we will work with you to ensure you end up with a bike that fits you perfectly to increase your cycling experience.

Standard Single Speed Geometry


Size Seat Tube C-to-Top Effective Top Tube Head Tube Length Head/Seat Angle Chain Stay Length BB Drop Stand Over Height
13"* 14.75" 21.5" 90 mm 70.5/74 425 mm 30 mm 724 mm**
14"* 15.75" 22" 100 mm 71/74 425 mm 30 mm 741 mm**
15.5"* 17.25" 22.5" 115 mm 71/73 425 mm 30 mm 766 mm**
17"* 18.75" 23" 125 mm 71/73 425 mm 30 mm 789 mm**
18.5"* 20.25" 23.5" 135 mm 71/73 425 mm 30 mm 813 mm**
20"* 21.75" 24" 145 mm 71.5/72.5 425 mm 30 mm 836 mm**
21.5"* 23.25" 24.5" 160 mm 71.5/72 425 mm 30 mm 859 mm**


Size Seat Tube C-to-Top Effective Top Tube Head Tube Length Head/Seat Angle Chain Stay Length BB Drop Stand Over Height
10"* 12" 20.75" 90 mm 70/74 425 mm 30 mm 691 mm**
12"* 14" 21.25" 95 mm 70/74 425 mm 30 mm 715 mm**
14"* 16" 21.50" 100 mm 70.5/74 425 mm 30 mm 744 mm**
16"* 17.75" 22" 100 mm 71/73.5 425 mm 30 mm 769 mm**
  • * Frame size measured center of the bottom bracket shell to the center of the top tube
  • ** Standover height measured at mid-point of top tube
  • Designed for use with 80-100 mm travel forks
  • Bottom bracket shell width: 73 mm