DeSalvo Custom Cycles

Handmade in Ashland Oregon



New Bike Orders

So you have checked out the bikes and you are ready to get one built to your specs and design. To get your name on the build list I do require a deposit of half down. Once I receive your deposit I will work with you on the design to ensure that your new bike will be just as you have planned. Just before I begin welding I will provide you with a scale drawing so you will see exactly how the bike is going to look.

How do I order?


From here I will get to work and get your bike built so it can go out for paint (if required) and get headed to you. The whole process will take from 2½ to 5 months depending on design and options (expect more time for extra fancy paint). Turn around time will also be affected by how many folks are in front of you in line. If you still have questions feel free to give me a call or fill out the order form and get it back to me to save your spot on the build list.